Etta James Vs. Beyonce

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

I'm the type of person who hates to hear gossip or rumors shall I say about famous people. Yet, today I ran across this website called It's quite an interesting site. It's not like those bashing sites where they critize the stars for their actions. They actually back up & provide why the rumors, stories, or etc is true or false.

One story that I found most interesting was this whole "I'ma beat Beyonce's ass" coming directly out the mouth of Etta James. I heard the audio of her saying it. It truly caught me off guard definitely being the fact Etta James is 71 years old. I guess when they say - the older you get the more gangster they become. LOL, in Etta James' case .. she's hit that stage!

This is the audio link:

I thought, I'd provide you with a little audio sample that I heard. Yes, the link should work. I would upload it into like a player or something, but I honestly don't know how. So I'm assuming the link is better than nothing at all.

This entire feud between Beyonce and Etta James is because Beyonce performed "At Last" at President Obama's Inauguration. I sense a bit of jealousy coming from Etta James' because Obama requested Beyonce to perform her version over Etta James. What gets me the most out of this though is .. Etta James basically claims Beyonce stole the song from Etta James. Which if you go back & do your googling about the song it was originally performed by Glenn Miller in 1942 and then latered performed by Nat King Cole in 1957, so for Etta James to claim the song as hers is FALSE! It's not her song .. she just happened to be the one that made the song popular.

Oh & let me fill you guys in on who Etta James is in case many of you are like "who is this Etta James??" Etta James is the woman that Beyonce portrays in the movie "Caddilac Records". Which I found to be a bit lame. Sorry, the movie served no interest to me. I thought it would be good from the trailor, but it actually turned out to be a waste of an hour and thirty minutes to two hours.

Another funny thing about all this is Beyonce isn't paying Etta James any mind. Beyonce recently just performed "At Last" at the Oscars a couple weeks ago. Right after hearing the threats that Etta James made to her about beating her ass for supposeably "stealing her song".

Etta James recently states to NY Daily News that she was just joking with Beyonce when threatening her. She said she just felt left out of the Inauguration because she wasn't asked to perform "her song". Must I remind you it's not really her song! Like I said throughout this entire thing .. Etta James wasn't playing that's just a cover up because she knew Beyonce wasn't paying her any mind. It all started simply because Etta James was jealous because President Obama asked her to perform at the Inauguration and not Etta James. Etta James also stated that she could of sang the song way better then Beyonce. Honestly, I think Beyonce done a better job then Etta James. That's just my personal opinion though.

Alright, that's enough gossip for the day. Enjoy!


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