Wednesday, February 25, 2009

I had a video about the chick who's weave stopped a speeding bullet. Then I decided I'm sure that damn near half of America done seen the video by now. When I first heard it I question weither it was true or not. Sounds kinda hollywoodish you ask me. Definitely only something I'd see in a video. That had to be either some nappy weave or some dreaded up weave. Either way it goes it was some TRASHY weave. No wonder why female with weave be so percaucious about their weave. They always talking about, "Don't touch my hair", "Does my hair look good", "OMG, I can get in that water - I just bought this weave." LMAO. Them bitches been having a secert between themselves this entire time. They preparing themselves for a damn bullet show. A bullet show is a show where you just see flashing lights, blood, dead bodies, and hear loud sounds going BANG BANG BOOM. Yeah, that's the definition in my words of a bullet show.

The most interesting part about the video that caught my eye was the simple fact that the lady said, she's been wearing her weave for YEARS. I'm hopeing that it's not been the same one for years because if so - that simple defines why the shit stopped a speeding bullet. Thus, saving her damn life. Point blank; WEAVE is the new BULLET PROOF VEST, but for your HEAD!


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