piss on the seat?

Friday, February 27, 2009

I have offically had it with cleaning up after nasty ass males! Sorry, but this shit has offically gone beyond my limitations of patients. I no longer can take it anymore. So now - I'm ready to vent how I feel about the situation and I'm sure many of you can probably agree with me. Females mainly!

Alrighty now ..

The other day - exactly Feburary 24th was my madres & step-fathers damn 17th or 18th year anniversary. (I done forgot because it's been to damn long. Just know it was one of those years.) Anyways though, so for their anniversary I stayed up all fucking night cleaning the house. From the basement all the way up to the damn third floor. Yes, my house is a three story house. [Yes, I'm still living with my madre - for now that is.] Five huge ass bedrooms with two full bathrooms. That wasn't the bad part literally. I can clean when I feel like it and at the time I felt it was just out the kindness of my heart to do it for them.

So, I complete the basement, the kitchen, the dinning room, the living room, & I happen to reach bathroom numero uno. UGHH - to my digust I seen piss all up under the toilet seat. If I would of known it was that trifflin ; I wouldn't bare to stick my booty cheeks on that nasty germ infested shit. I was thinking well maybe it was just the downstairs bathroom because of company that comes in and out the house. That's why it was so nasty cause nobody in this house could be that nasty. NO - I reach bathroom numbero dos. Same shit! By this point I was like "wtf ; nasty ass step-father!" See, all fingers points his direction because he's the only male that lives in the house. It really makes me look at him with a digusted look.

Don't you just hate that shit? I mean if you're going to piss all over the damn toilet clean the shit up! Hell save someone else the digustment! [idk, if dats a word - but i just invented it if not.] Literally, males .. if you can't aim your shit enough to piss like a real man & direct that shit straight into the toilet - then be like a female & sit your damn non-aiming ass down & tuck your shit into the toilet. Maybe, after tucking your shit in for awhile you just might learn to aim correctly.

I swear, I've talked to numerous people about this & so many people agree with how I feel. I'm just hopeing that Monday when I move in with my boyfriend he doesn't end up pissing all over the toilet seat. I done told him I'll clean that fuckin toilet with his toothbrush & not mention a damn word. So watch the piss & you wont have to fear the piss in your mouth. Crucial? I know! I just can't take seeing that anymore. I was truly offended, disgusted, & was ready to throw up.

That was beyond the nastiest shit I've ever seen in my entire 19 years of living in this life time. Ughh.


Janiece said...

i know exactly what your talking about
that's a big NO!

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