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Monday, February 23, 2009

Alright, so lets all welcome me back to the wonderful world of blogging. It seriously took me like a good hour or two to figure this damn thing out. SMH, and google helped me none! Lucky blogger holds their own layout sites itself (: - Anyways ; I'ma begin blogging all over again once more.

Thanks, to Miss Shantae! You know, everytime I venture away from blogging she grabs me by my collar & demands me to come back. I guess I can reuse this again to post back up my photography work. I have decided to get back into that. So prepare yourself.

Oh & did I mention for a lame that's in college for web design .. I had so much trouble trying to figure out the coding on this site. I'm use to my beautiful normal HTMLs or CSS coding that you use with "blackplanet" as some off us remember or "myspace". I can code away on those sites, but blogger brought me javascript & I'm not familar with it. Hopefully within time I'll gain the knowledge to perfect my page on a more professional level. For now, lets just enjoy the random thoughts, views, and pictures I'm going to bring you all.


Anonymous said...

well, i really love your blog. the layout is soo nice! props!!

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